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Acne, granites, cysts, comedones or pustules, although we have already passed puberty worry us, there is always that granite or something more than that, at the most inopportune moment whatever the time and whatever age we have.

Acne really is a practically chronic disease, it is difficult to eliminate it completely and definitely.

In this post I do not intend to talk about serious acne diseases in adults, but the most common, granites or other lesions that appear more or less sporadically and more or less large, which can be suffered by any woman or man in adulthood.

During this post I will talk about pimples, like the typical acne lesions since it is the

How the grains are formed:

O acne está formado por sebo, a graxa prodúcese nas glándulas sebáceas da pel. Hai unha bacteria que vive nos folículos pilosos e nos poros, é o Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). Cando un folículo piloso está obstruido polo exceso de produción deste sebo, o exceso de células mortas ou simplemente por suciedade da pel, xunto coa bacteria, a infección e a posterior inflamación, prodúcese unha reacción inmune onde os leucocitos eliminan isto infección, que causa a formación de pus no gran ou comedo. E o aspecto desagradable do mesmo.

The open comedones or black spots are this excess of sebum together with keratin and dead cells, although they do not evolve infecting themselves so they do not become inflamed.

There are different causes that can cause the formation of pimples or comedones.

Lack of hygiene, travel, humidity …
Hormonal changes.
Stress that causes an excitation of the sebaceous glands
Inadequate feeding
Lack of sleep
For allergies to a food or medication
Blockage of hair follicles
Inadequate cosmetics, hair products, makeup
Anabolics and vitamins group B
Rebound effect of the sun


These cause an alteration in the normal segregation of fat, mainly due to an increase in androgens, such as testosterone. When the amount of sebum increases, the cells tend to regenerate more, but when they die it costs, due to the cutaneous fat, to be easily released from the skin.

This together with more fat and joint cutaneous bacteria cause pore clogging and the consequent formation of acne.

Interestingly, when acne appears due to this cause, granites usually appear in the area of ​​the jaw and around the mouth.

Increase in cortisol, cortisol is the hormone that we secrete when we are stressed, cortisol is also located in the androgenic receptors, which is why it also causes the formation of this type of skin lesions, for the same reason.

Lack of sleep can also cause the formation of acne due to increased stress due to excess fatigue and cortisol formation.

During the pre-menstrual syndrome in which the effect of stress (cortisol formation) and an imbalance of sex hormones is linked as well as during menopause, some women suffer from the problem in which the amount of testosterone is higher than that of menopause. estrogen thus also causes the formation of acne.

Pregnancy: some women suffer from an acne outbreak during the first three months of pregnancy.

Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome: this problem can cause acne, weight gain and even hair because it can usually cause an increase in testosterone.

Thus, equally all drugs or other products that may cause an increase in production of male hormones, will result in the appearance of acne. As it can be in the case of anabolics.

Medications such as antidepressants, stimulators of ovulation in fertility processes and even the lithium supplement used in depression and bipolar depression.

So, also fried, sausages for their high amount of fat. Likewise, a diet too rich in spicy foods can cause acne, spicy foods are more difficult to digest, they can increase inflammation simply by the vasodilation they cause.

Many industrial foods should be limited by the large amount of toxins they contain, these toxins can directly cause acne as a reaction of the body against these toxins.


To avoid the appearance of acne, the most important thing is extreme hygiene. The lack of hygiene causes the infection of the glands that have been able to secrete more amount of sebum, which together with other secretions such as sweat and external dirt clog the pore, which causes the ideal broth for the evolution of cutaneous bacteria, as well It evolves with infection, inflammation and appearance of acne.

When there is excess fat, the skin also usually has it on the scalp, so this fat slips through the hair, if the hair is in continuous contact with the skin such as bangs, it can cause the formation of acne .

Inadequate cosmetics, can block the skin, especially comedogenic and occlusive cosmetics, to a skin with fat and dilated pores we can not provide more fat or a cosmetics that will clog the pore, for it, ideally, is to use free products in fats and in serums. Also some silicones are occlusive.

Some makeup, especially the long-lasting and especially those that leave the skin shiny, have all the points to appear grains.

When the hair starts to come out after a hair removal or shaving, if the hair comes out crooked or does not have enough strength it can also cause the formation of pimples in those follicles.


When someone suffers from acne the first thing to do is to maximize hygiene.

We have to try to unblock the pores to avoid the formation of more injuries.

We have to treat the skin as if it were a pure infection.

The skin is inflamed and more sensitive so you have to use treatments that cleanse in depth but are not aggressive and alter it more.

Obviously it is not the same normal skin with two pimples or a small acne outbreak that a teenage acne or a rosacea (in which acne is more widespread and skin highly sensitized).

I advise to clean with plenty of water both in the morning, and always, before going to bed. If you play sports it is also advisable to wash your face well.

With a type of soap or soft foam (remember that my comments are for people with small outbreaks of adult acne, since in adolescents I would advise a much more astringent soap) to be rinsed with warm water.


You can use a micellar water to remove the remains of makeup but later always use the cleaner more in depth.

Later I recommend the tonic as an essential element even if the cleaner is rinsed in water.

If the skin is irritated from the treatments to eliminate acne, with a little rose water or witch hazel is enough.

On the contrary, if the skin is normalized, a tonic that in turn is a little antiseptic. Personally I have a weakness for a product that is sold in France called “eau précieuse” very economical with salicylic acid and boric acid.

Later, if the skin is very oily in general, I advise to treat the whole face with a slightly acidic lotion (with AHA), that does a little peeling, unblocking the pores and preventing the granites from forming.

Glycolic acid at high concentrations and salicylic acid will also regulate excess fat.

To eliminate the granite, on the tightness and emptying of the same.

I understand that it is horrible to carry a yellow pimple on the face, and it is often impossible to resist emptying the comedo. Most dermatologists are totally against it, because of the possibility of new infections and marks or scars on the skin.

That is why, if it can not be avoided, (that white grain in the middle of the face) must be done with extreme hygiene, cleaning the skin a little before with a cotton ball with a little alcohol and between two clean tissues. Sometimes it is better to prick the granite with a hypodermic needle, avoiding pressing too much and making a “major breakdown”. We must completely empty the comedón otherwise the next day we will have the same, and extreme that everything that comes out can easily infect the surrounding area.

We have products that can help dry these granites without touching them, so they absorb themselves and do not come out that much.

Benzoyl peroxide

It is one of the most used ingredients to eliminate acne, this component acts by eliminating the bacteria that causes acne, but like most treatments for acne in which we dry the area and skin a little skin. It is generally used between 2.5% and 5% in the form of ointments or gels.

It really is an asset that works quickly.

Salicylic acid

This acid acts reducing inflammation and eliminating dead cells, so it makes a peel, as if it were the AHA.

It will help to clean the skin in depth and regulate the formation of fat.

It is keratolytic, in turn helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce redness.

Most lotions for acne treatment usually contain it.


This mineral is one of the oldest treatments for the treatment of acne. It acts by regulating sebaceous glands, as a bactericide, decreases inflammation.

This mineral is part of the keratin, which in turn is part of the skin, is also necessary in the formation of collagen.

The specific masks for acne usually contain sulfur and many of the oldest formulas for acne contain sulfur.

The only discomfort is the smell of it, as it is quite unpleasant.


As these are injuries in which the presence of the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes is very important, if we find an antibiotic that eliminates it, we will also avoid the formation of acne.

Therefore, the use of both oral and topical antibiotics is effective.

The most effective and frequent topical antibiotics are clindamycin, erythromycin and minocycline (although this does not exclude others that can be prescribed by your doctor), usually in the form of lotions with alcoholic excipient, which must be applied with completely cleansed skin.

Oral treatments, always under medical prescription are very effective to clean the skin of this bacteria and prevent the formation of comedones. In small outbreaks the treatment of a week or ten days will be sufficient although in severe or chronic acnes longer term treatments are necessary.

Retinol and isotretinoin

Retinol is the natural form of the vitamin and iso-tretinoin is the acid form of vitamin A.

Both one and the other, in topical form, acts regulating the formation of sebum, so the skin in general dries a lot, some people use both retinol and isotretinoin (in ointment) as a peeling effect to eliminate wrinkles, it is That is why it is effective in turn in acne.

The important problem of this product is the solar hypersensitivity, it is totally contraindicated.

By having a very important action of dryness on the skin, it is necessary to avoid the contour of the eyes and lips.

Oral isotretinoin is used as a treatment in severe acne processes, as it acts as anti-seborrheic, keratolytic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

Hormone blockers

As I said before, the excess of testosterone causes the formation of excess sebum, if we achieve a hormonal balance, we will naturally regulate the excess of sebum.

As drugs, the most common products in women are contraceptive pills in which the amount of estrogen and progestin is increased. Others that also contain testosterone blockers, Cyproterone.

As a natural product to improve the hormonal balance, Saw palmetto will help block, above all, the metabolites of testosterone, which in turn are the cause of hair loss.

In many women the supplement with evening primrose oil will stimulate the production of estrogen and the borage oil will in turn cleanse the skin.

Detox treatments

Many times, pimples appear or an acne outbreak due to too many toxins in the body, excess of unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages, stress, little sleep or even, excessive smoking, all toxins literally dirty the skin, turn it off , increases cortisol and in turn causes an increase in the amount of secreted fat.

For this, apart from the external cleaning in depth as I have explained before, we have to do internal cleaning, detox treatments, in this post I have some recommendations on how to do it.


It is known in people suffering from acne that the sun improves acne lesions, the sun acts as a bactericide, the brown skin is slightly dry, so in oily skin this secretion diminishes or serves to moisturize the skin of the tan.

This keratolytic effect of the sun, and if it is also in the sea, improves the injuries.

Although sometimes when you stop exposing to the sun, a rebound effect occurs when increasing the amount of dead cells, by peeling brown skin and increasing the amount of sebum. The bacteria grow again.

Masks with mud

The masks of mud, sulfur or green clay are very effective, they dry the skin a little, they absorb the dirt from the skin and act as disinfectants, it is a good remedy of the last minute.


I left a lot of points in the pipeline, because for example some recommendations of natural products would have been interesting, I’ll leave for another post, this topic is very extensive and the truth is that many people suffer.

Some of my favorite products are:

As cleaning products I like Neostrata in foam with glycolic acid.

Eve Lom has a cleansing cream that although you have to have a little patience to use it, the skin is clean and not irritated at all. They also have a cream called Dynaspot that dries the granites.

Soapy cleaner of Bioderma Sebium, this gel is not aggressive with the skin, but it cleans deeply.

Normaderm’s stick, which in addition to drying the granite, conceals it.

Leorex Pure is a specific silicon mask for oily skin, absorbs fat and cleans it in depth.

Maskryn mask from Brill laboratories with clindamycin, when the outbreak is something more important and is not a single granite, the gel form seems to me too aggressive for adult acne.

Tensoderm mask Viñas laboratories, I like it a lot because it is very astringent while carrying a bit of camphor which helps to clear the skin especially when intoxicated.

The tonic that I mentioned before Eau Précieuse.